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Prismatic Feather Media, formerly known as Prismatic Feather Audiovisual, is an independent record label established by Kaminari Knight in 2017.


Latest Release: Kaminari Knight - Unkai (Vocaloid Version)

Ethereal and Emotional Drum 'n' Bass/Hardcore

Released 1 March 2020


Demon Lazuli - End of an Era

Uplifting J-Pop/Drum 'n' Bass

Released 27 October 2019


Latest Releases

The Freshest Music from PFM

Cover Image.png

Kaminari Knight - Negative Infinity

Released 28 April 2019

Kaminari Knight - Mangetsu no Mayonaka

Released 27 December 2018

Mangetsu no Mayonaka Single.png
Cover Image.png

Kaminari Knight - Imaginary Unit

Released 28 October 2017


Artist Lineup

The Sound of Prismatic Feather

Kaminari Knight Branding 2017-A_Square.j

Kaminari Knight

Composer/Music Producer/DJ

Kaminari Knight is the premier alias of Australian musician Michael Holmes. His main style of music involves a dramatic hardcore EDM blend of ethereal melodies, otherworldly atmospheres, high-speed beats and blazing basslines. However his body of work is in fact quite diverse as he also draws influence from genres such as hip-hop, rap-rock, ballad and orchestral soundtracks.


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